Impossible Love

From Author Kimberly Readnour comes your perfect beach read and holiday romance.

Kai Hale is living the life.
Tour guide by day.
Playboy by night.

He follows one rule. Don't fall for the tourists.

The plan is easy until this sexy brunette breezes onto the island.

Suddenly she's everywhere.

On his tour.
On his beach.
In his mind.

Falling for a mainlander is a bad idea. But what harm would one date be? He's strong enough to let her go. So he thinks.

But her vacation offers more than one surprise, and he finds himself deeper than first expected. Is his heart strong enough to survive?

Book one in the Unforeseen Destiny series, Impossible Love, is a standalone romance. If you like hot, tattooed tour guides, click to meet Kia in this angsty romance with impossible odds.


Unforeseen Destiny, #One

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