Bad Ball Hitter

An angsty, second chance, sports romance from best-selling author Kimberly Readnour.

Can Boston Bears bad boy catcher, Drake Gunner, win back his first love?

I live my life according to a plan, even if that plan hasn’t taken off like I thought it would. It's an even bigger punch in the gut knowing how happy my ex-girlfriend is, moving on without me. For this reason, I vow to try and make a go with this new girl I’m seeing. She isn’t Lila, but quite honestly, no one is.

Truth is, I haven’t been serious with anyone since Lila, my first girlfriend. I made the biggest mistake letting her go, and by the time I came back to find her, she had already moved on. Serves me right.

But who marries their high school sweetheart anyway?

Even if no one can come close to what Lila meant to me.

So when Boston picked up the last year of my contract with the goal of winning them a championship, I decided to play hard and find the perfect partner. I thought I found it in Miranda. She’s all about securing a future with a sports star and all the perks that come along with that, and I figured, why not? I have to move on eventually.

But then life threw me the biggest curveball.

I wake up to find Miranda’s roommate is none other than Lila, AKA the only girl I ever loved.

You know what they say about life and plans. Now what am I going to do?


Bad Boys Redemptions, #4

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