Deke Me

From Author Kimberly Readnour comes a fake dating sports romance in the anticipated new Cessna U Hockey series! This star player, ordinary girl new college hockey romance leaves you laughing while sizzling the pages. Because we all know when it comes to the charade of hearts, love scores the winning goal.

My life is a mess. The last thing I have time for is to fake date Blake Morton, the arrogantly charming captain of the hockey team. But with my grandmother’s looming rent and a paycheck that’s playing hide and seek, I have little choice but to accept Blake’s bizarre proposition: pretend to be his girlfriend.

The deal is simple—no strings attached, just play the part and collect the payment. Easy, right?

Wrong. Emotions don’t play by the rules, especially when you’re teamed up with someone who’s supposed to be nothing more than an arrangement.

I come from a world where every penny counts, while Blake has everything—a sizable trust fund and effortless talent. Yet, as our charade deepens, so do the glimpses of vulnerability behind his perfect facade, and the more I fall for the real Blake.

My job was to fend off distractors, not become one. As lines between reality and make-believe blur, I’m left questioning: Can my feelings withstand the ultimate test, or will they prove to be the most compelling distraction of all?


Cessna U Hockey, #1

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