Martyr's Promise

Sometimes it takes a monster to hunt a monster.

When Summer Mackenzie and her boyfriend disappear in the fog-shrouded forests of Northern California, it sets off more than one alarm. The sheriff’s department is looking for them, the state rangers are on their trail, and even private security companies have gotten involved.

But Summer wasn’t an ordinary college student; she was a human born into the immortal Mackenzie clan, a line of powerful vampires from the Great Smoky Mountains. Now Carwyn ap Bryn and Brigid Connor are getting messages from allies across the world, old rivals, and new friends, all wanting to know where Summer is and why hikers along the Lost Coast keep going missing.

If Brigid and Carwyn can’t find Summer, tensions between vampire clans might snap, leaving more than just the immortal world bloody.

They might know how to search the wilderness, but the Northern California woods hold more than the average share of mysteries. Secretive immortals, suspicious humans, and ancient myths are all at home in a land where human highways come to a dead end and dense forests meet a rugged coast.

Martyr’s Promise is a paranormal mystery in the Elemental Covenant series by Elizabeth Hunter, USA Today best-selling author of A Hidden Fire, Suddenly Psychic, and over forty other works of fantasy fiction.


Elemental Covenant, #2

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