Imagine Me

He’s my brother’s best friend.

He’s thirteen years older than me.

He has loner written over every inch of his chiseled body.

None of that stops me from sneaking into his room. None of that stops Shane from giving in for just one night.

Months later and I can’t stop imagining more.

One thing I never imagined was seeing him again, only for him to brush me off like our night was nothing--accusing me of being a ‘little girl’ who couldn’t handle a man.

But I’m Juliana MacCabe--I don’t back down from a challenge. I make it my mission to prove I’m more than capable of handling him.

When I finally melt through his icy exterior, he has two rules: just sex and no telling my brother.

Soon, sex turns into feelings. Is Shane willing to break his rules and risk it all for our chance at love.

I’m worried that’s too much to imagine.


King's Bar, #3

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