Tall. Muscled. Tattooed.
Shane King was seriously hot, and seriously not a good guy.
He went by the name Ghost with his motorcycle club, and he was now their national vice president.

When Shane and his club arrived in town, they began doing favors for my family.
I didn’t know why. I didn’t want to know.
Favors came with strings attached. I didn’t want strings attaching me to the Red Demons.

Shane was a different beast, though.
I should steer clear of him, except I couldn’t.
He was everywhere, and he always looked like he wanted to tie me up in all sorts of strings.

A part of me wanted to let him.
A part of me yearned to let him.
But no.

Shane might act like the hero, but he wasn’t.
He was the villain.
And I was about to learn that the strings that came with Shane…
…they would be my unraveling.

** This is a standalone motorcycle club romance.

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