Walkoff Wedding

I fell for my secret pen pal believing we would never meet but now.. he’s my husband.

Grant Bergeron is Orleans University’s playboy first baseman.

He’s charming, kind… and a tad arrogant.

But underneath his party guy demeanor, he’s more than anyone sees.

I needed a husband, and he strode in like prince charming, taking me up on the marriage pact from our past. One that I never imagined actually happening.

Our I do’s were meant to be temporary, a walk-off wedding that benefited us both.

But when he takes our vows more seriously than I expect, old feelings begin to resurface.

Now we’re sharing a too small apartment and he’s everywhere.

In my room, in my bed, and… in my heart.

Our marriage is supposed to be fake, but I think I’m falling for my husband.


Orleans University, #3

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