Playboy Playmaker

I had the best sex of my life with a man whose name I didn’t even know.
No names, no strings, and…. no panties.
Long story. Don’t ask.

So imagine my surprise when I walk into my dad’s office a week later and see none other than the man who has my panties, but not my name.
Turns out, he’s the Avalanche’s hotshot goalie, thirteen years older and my father is his coach.
As if all of that wasn’t bad enough…

We still can’t seem to keep our hands off each other. The man is famous for.. Using his hands. Soon we’re stealing moments together in secret, putting us both on the line.
Hudson “Romeo” Rome is everything I can’t have. Not when my relationship with my father and his career in the NHL are at stake.
Yet, between secret moments and stolen kisses, I find myself falling for Chicago’s playboy playmaker.

Playboy Playmaker is the last book in the Totally Pucked series and can be read as a TOTAL standalone.


Totally Pucked, #6

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