A Festive Feud

My family is famous for two things in our small town:

Our annual Christmas party


Our feud with The Pearce family.

Our families hate each other. It’s a tale as old as St. Nick himself.

So, imagine what happens when a harmless little argument with Jackson Pearce ends with us both behind bars for the night.

As if that wasn’t bad enough… The punishment for our crime?

The only Christmas party we’re allowed to have is one together.

At Town Hall.

But… It gets worse.

That means that I’ll be forced to spend time with Jackson and his enormous ego while we plan this party and somehow keep our families from strangling each other with tinsel this holiday season.

It doesn’t help that he is annoyingly attractive and goes out of his way to push my buttons.
With his old, dirty, work boots, and his stupid veiny forearms, he works his way into my perfectly organized life and leaves everything in disarray.

Will we actually be able to survive this… Festive Feud, or will we end up back where we started?

A Festive Feud is a 49,000 word novella packed full of spice and all the Christmas feelings to put you in the spirit this year! This book is meant to make you feel like you’re watching a beloved Hallmark movie, but add in all the things we never got!


Strawberry Hollow Novellas, #2

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