Unbreakable Love

A small town, single dad, forbidden romance from bestselling author, Stacey Lynn.

I don’t think anyone would’ve chosen to be a single dad before their driver’s license even arrived in the mail, but that was the curveball that life threw at me. While my classmates were partying it up at football games and Prom, I was dealing with ear infections and learning how to be the best kind of dad like my father was to me.

I all but gave up on trusting a woman again and finding love as I had more important
responsibilities: being a proud girl dad to Josie, helping my family out on their ranch, and starting my own construction business.

Then Penelope Pesco shows up and kills my resolve to remain alone. She’s not only the most alluring woman I’ve ever met, but a forbidden one too: She’s my daughter’s new teacher.

She’s also my new neighbor.

Sweet Penny is pure temptation in one gorgeous package with her sunflower blonde hair and beguiling sky-blue eyes, and I’m having a hard time staying away. Keeping my eight-year-old daughter from falling in love with her is hard enough. We both don't need to fall in love with her and end up with our hearts broken.

Then tragedy strikes my family in an entirely shocking way, and reality hits. Life’s too short to keep running and living in fear. This is my chance and I’m grabbing it with both hands.

I can only hope I haven’t screwed everything up. Hopefully, there’s a chance I can fix what
I’ve broken. Josie and I love and adore Penny and can only hope that our unbreakable love isn’t shattered beyond repair.


The Kelley Family, #3

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