Tight Spot

When a fake relationship feels a little too real…. I’m in a Tight Spot.

I’m not a nice guy. I’m too rude. Too gruff. I want to be left alone and stay in my lane as one of the best tight ends in the NFL. Too bad management has a sudden problem with my image and all the fines I’ve been racking up.

Now I’m told I need to settle down, shape up…or they’re shipping me out.

Except no playbook could have prepared me for the Hail Mary pass they threw at me:

Enter Hailey Parillo. My fake girlfriend. She’s the Sunshine to my Grump, the Sweet to my Sour and the Smile to my Scowl. As ridiculous as it is, she agrees to play this fake game with me, for something in return:

Lessons in seducing a man and losing her virginity.

I almost balk at the idea, but I've got a career I don't want to lose in a city I don't want to leave.

AND little did I know this is the most important game of my life.


Nashville Steel, #3

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