The Summer I Destroyed You

“Destroying other people isn’t going to make you feel any better.”
“That suggests you’ve never destroyed an enemy before. It’s actually quite fulfilling.”

Elliott Springs has small-town values, cobblestone streets, perfect scenery. These are things I don’t care about. What I do care about: Revenge. And no matter how compelling I find Liam Doherty—the guy focused on saving Elliott Springs—I’m going to get it.

What do you call a woman who wants to destroy everything you love, yet the sight of her sets you on fire? Nemesis or future wife…and since she can’t wait to leave California, I guess I know which one she is.

Emerson Hughes wants to be the villain in our town’s history, and the more I learn about her past here, the more I understand it.

I wanted to save Elliott Springs.I think I want to save her even more.


The Summer Series, #4

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