The Connection

"She does it all.

When Kate had to move back to her hometown with her then 5 year old son to help out with her elderly parents, she didn't think she'd wind up stuck in the small town indefinitely. But here she is. Now Kate finds herself constantly juggling a million balls - mother, employee, dog walker, house cleaner, daughter, friend - and all of them are falling to the ground. But she refuses to take help, continuing to work herself to the ground to better the life of her son.

He refuses to make a connection.

Seven years ago, Dean Fulton changed his life completely, avoiding any and all connections to protect himself. He goes to a new camp every summer and a new mountain every winter, working with kids and traveling across the country.
But when he lands in Springbrook Hills, he starts to form connections with the crew, even getting dragged into staying to coach the Pee Wee football team.

When Dean breaks up a fight between Kate's son Callum and a bully, he instantly is drawn to the kid - and his mom.

Can Dean force Kate to let him in and accept his help?
Can Kate (and Cal) break down Dean's walls and show him the life he's missing?"


Springbrook Hills, #4

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