All My Love

Riggins has been in love with Stella for as long as he can remember. As kids, they’d sneak out and spend long nights under the stars writing songs together, sharing their deepest confessions, and dreaming about getting out of their small town. When his band gets a record deal and a headlining tour, he convinces her to come see the world with him, and she agrees.

It doesn’t take long before Riggins gets too far into the rockstar lifestyle, and everything begins to fall apart, including his relationship. When she leaves without a word and never looks back, it leaves him shattered, spiraling, and confused.

Until he finds out why…

Seven years ago, Stella went on tour with her childhood love. When things fell apart, it broke her, and she’s spent every moment since putting herself back together, crafting a facade that will please everyone around her while forcing herself to survive. It’s going well until one day, Riggins shows up at her house in their small town of Ashford, New Jersey, and blows her safe little world apart. Now they’re stuck piecing together their versions of the past and seeing if they can move forward.


Atlas Oaks, #1

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