Cruel Summer

"Camile Thompson loves three things: her best friends Kat and Abbie, planning events, and getting revenge.

When she starts her dream job at the elite Long Beach Island Beach Club, she makes a pact with her besties: For the first time in ten years, she’ll try to be more open and make friends. No cutting people off for minor infractions, no closing herself off, and absolutely no tests to prove loyalty.

When Cami strikes up a friendship with her intern Olivia, it's anything but smooth sailing when the mean girls of the Beach Club show up. They love making people miserable and they have their sights set on Cami.

Cami quickly slips back into her old ways of petty payback. The only ally she seems to be able to tolerate is the hot bartender who works across the street.

But when his Beach Club connections come to light, Cami realizes this may be the cruelest summer ever."


Seasons of Revenge, #2

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