He’s a single dad and my new boss.
The man is scorching hot, with gorgeous dark eyes and a smile that makes me burn up.
Too bad he’s ten years older, with trust issues my psych degree could never unwrap. I shouldn’t fall into bed with him, not to mention let my heart get involved. But he makes me feel things I never expected to feel.

She’s my son’s nanny, and a student at the university where I’m a professor.
Watching her play with my kid, hearing her jokes and imagining how amazing her legs would look over my shoulders is utter torment.
I haven’t wanted a woman since my wife died, yet she makes me want things I never thought I’d want again.
I should know better than to pursue this attraction. I need to stay professional.
But she’s too tempting.

Tempt is a steamy, swoony age gap forbidden romance in the addictive Off-Limits series. This single dad romance novel can be read as a complete standalone!


Off-Limits, #4

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