Hard to Fake

To my brother’s teammates, I’m off-limits. But when my sorority sister announces she’s bringing my ex to reunion weekend, I need a hot date…and fast.

It’s not every day you ask your brother's teammate to be your fake boyfriend. But desperate times call for gorgeous, heart-stoppingly impulsive measures.

Denver Kodiaks' sharpshooter Miles is a world-champion athlete with a smile that lights up the darkest room and a cocky charm that’s impossible to resist.

But to me, he's always been more: the guy who puts friends and family first, and my college crush.

When my sorority sister decides to bring my ex to the reunion, I need a swoon-worthy plus-one who can have my back and save my pride. It’s the perfect solution…until Miles raises the stakes for both of us.

He says he’s only playing to win. Except I wonder when his gaze hunts mine across a crowded room. When he protects me with a fierceness that steals my breath. When a make-believe kiss ignites a wildfire inside me.

I’ve built walls and acted tough, guarding myself from getting hurt again. Miles gets under my defenses and challenges me in ways I’ve never been challenged.

Soon, I’m fighting feelings that have been simmering for years. In the mountains of Vail, Colorado, our pretend relationship starts feeling dangerously legit…

Because it’s hard to fake what’s always been real.


Denver Kodiaks, #1

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