When a judge falls for his younger nanny, can their love overcome the possibility of scandal?

As I drive into the picturesque small town of Landmark Mountain after the whirlwind of college, I could never have expected a simple job opportunity would lead me to the deliciously sexy Sutton Landmark. But fate, it seems, wants to send my plans sideways.

Judge Sutton Landmark, a man whose gorgeous face, charisma, and chocolate brown eyes could charm the pants off of anyone. He needs a nanny for his son, Owen, and I need a break from textbooks and exams…and some time to figure out what I really want to do with my life.

However, one heated look from Sutton, and everything inside me ignites.

As I spend time with Sutton, I find myself falling for him. There's a spark between us and a connection that simmers and dances in the air whenever we’re in the same room.

But Sutton’s prestigious position and the age gap between us casts a looming shadow over our happiness. Despite our hearts’ desires, fear and indecision hold us back from taking that leap of faith.

I want to believe that, despite the obstacles, anything is possible…

Even love against all odds.

I guess I’ll just have to jump in headfirst and stay to find out.


Landmark Mountain, #5

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