Sin Like The Devil

“Look into the camera, Ripley.

Tell us what happened in Harrowdean Manor.”

Serving a three-year sentence after a violent manic episode, I own this psychiatric institute and every last patient in it.

Dealing contraband to the desperate and disturbed has earned me this kingdom. To survive, I simply sacrificed my soul.

They all fear me.

Worship me.

Hate me.

But no more than the demons I barely escaped last year. They thought they’d broken me with their greed and depravity. Instead, they made me ruthless.

Now, my enemies are back.

And they’re out for blood.

Lennox wants to kill me.

Xander wants to break me.

Raine just wants to feel alive.

But in here, it’s kill or be killed. As the horrifying reality behind Harrowdean’s lies starts to surface, a bloody battle for survival begins.

Their social experiment is set to burn.

And I’m the one holding the matches.

Author’s Note: Sin Like The Devil (Harrowdean Manor #1) is a dark why choose romance and book one in a duet. It does end on a cliffhanger. Set in the J Rose shared universe.


Harrowdean Manor, #1

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