Dear Nightmare,

I wish I could introduce myself, and tell you who I really am, but that simply can’t be.
You know why, of course.
We all know why.
We’ve all heard the story; we grew up hearing the story.
The one about you…and him.
Your life was taken from you, and for so many years, you lived as your name describes - a nightmare.
But, that’s not really your name, is it?
That’s how your club sees you. How the world sees you.
I know who you are.
You say you didn’t do it, but you won’t talk to anyone.
You won’t tell your truth.
Instead, you drown in darkness, letting the world pass you by.
I can’t help but wonder why?
I’m nobody, in the big scheme of things, but I do have a purpose.
I want to know the truth.
I want the world to know the truth.
What happened that fateful day cannot be held prisoner a second longer.
I can’t tell you that, though, because you’ll never talk to me.
You’ll never let me in.
You’ll push me away like you do everyone else.
You’ll sit at that bar, your brown eyes lost and empty, until the last breath leaves your body.
I can’t let that happen, you see?
So, I’m going to take a risk. Do something crazy.
I hope you’ll forgive me for it, in the end.
Maybe you won’t, but I’m going to do it anyway.
I guess I’ll talk to you soon.


Prisoners of Purgatory, #1

Release Date