You know him.
You love him.
The free-spirited, wild child that he is.
Carefree, charming, the kind of man you can’t get enough of.
Muff is dangerous and edgy, but always has a way of making you feel alive.
He lives his life with a soul full of fire and passion.
He’s the man I saw myself spending forever with.
He became my everything.
If you had asked me if there was a single moment in my life that wasn’t perfect, I would have told you no.
That is until everything changed.
My beautiful, spirited man has secrets.
Secrets he keeps hidden from everyone he loves, including me.
Now everything is different.
Gone is the perfect life I imagined.
Now, I’m left with a gaping hole in my heart that he once filled.
How do we get past this?
How do we move on?
I don’t know if things will ever be the same again.


MC Sinners, #4

Release Date