Launching into Love

Reedeming Lottie:
I had a plan for my life.
One that would never involve marriage, or kids, or being stuck in the one-horse Texas town I grew up in.
I saw how it worked out for my parents, and I wanted no part of their heartbreak.

So I ran.

My career was the only commitment I had time for. The only one I was ever willing to make. But life didn't care about my plan.

I didn't expect to go home again, but here I am.
I never, ever planned on seeing Tucker Monroe again, but here he is.

His sexy smile and country charm were the reason I left.
But with every smirk this single dad gives me, I'm finding it hard to remember why.

All that's on my mind is Tucker, but I can't give in to the feelings that never quite went away. I have to remember what my ambitions are.
But he's too tempting. And just as dangerous for me as he ever was…

A Reason To Stay : To be determined

There are three reasons that will get you killed by the hands of your own family.

Three rules.
They are simple.
Don't disobey an order.
Don't betray your family.
And don't touch a made man's girl.

For her, I'll break them all.

Mario Leoni had left his home in New York with no plans to ever look back. Taking a job on the opposite side of the country to escape the life he'd been born into was for the best. It also meant giving up the only woman he ever loved.

He never expected to see Lena Moretti again, the daughter of the most feared mafia boss in New York. But after a near death experience on the job, he realizes life is too short to not be with the one you love...even if she was promised to another.


Billingsley, #1

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