Dirty Like Brody

An angsty, childhood-friends-to-lovers romance, featuring a broody, overprotective hero, a heroine tortured by the mistakes of her past, and a long overdue second chance.

She was all he ever wanted, even when she broke his heart…

Growly and gorgeous band manager Brody Mason has been aching for his friend’s little sister, Jessa Mayes, since they were just kids.
By the time they’d grown up, she’d broken his heart.
Then she ripped it right the f*ck out.
As it turns out, time doesn’t heal that kind of wound.
It leaves a gaping, festering hole.

Hence Brody’s sunshiny nature.

Meanwhile, Jessa appears to be living the dream—blessed with beauty, talent, and a glamorous life.
But she also has a secret.
Six years ago, she ran away from her dream career as a songwriter with her brother’s band. She also ran away from Brody, the only man she’s ever loved.
And she never told anyone why.

Now Jessa’s doing the one thing she swore she’d never do.
She’s coming home.

As a bridesmaid in her brother’s rock star wedding, she’ll come face-to-face with the mistakes of her past.
Including the sexy, surly, heartbroken one.
It definitely won’t be easy.

Love this intense never is.


Dirty, #2

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