Flames and Flowers

An angsty friends-to-lovers / MMF romance about a mysterious, enigmatic rock star and the newlywed couple he falls head-over-heels for.

All I want is both of them…

I. Love. Couples.
Yes, you read that right.
But even an openminded rock star like me has rules.
For one, no getting involved with married couples.
And absolutely no getting involved with my band members.

But that all went to hell the moment Ash and Danica walked into my life.

Little did I know, when I pushed Ashley Player up against a wall and kissed him, that he’d soon be asking me to join the Players, the new rock band he was putting together.
Or that the legendary player himself would soon be getting married.

Now, we’re on the road together, and his beautiful new wife, Danica, is touring with us.
And I’m falling in love with two people who are already deeply in love with each other.

Obviously, this can spell only one thing: complete and total disaster. For me.

I know I don’t belong in their marriage.
But never did I dream that Ash and Danica would open the door and leave a light on for me.

I’ve never taken a risk like this before. Especially while the whole world is watching.
The only question is: do I have the courage to admit how I feel about them, no matter who’s looking… and take a chance on us?

Note: Flames and Flowers is a novella; it is meant to be read at the end of the Players series, after Lovely Madness (Players #4).


Players, #5

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