I threw away my morals for one night with a legend, and then I started dating his brother. Only…I didn’t know it was his brother.

When the bad boy lead singer of Vail offers me the night at his penthouse suite, I jump at the chance. Mark’s reputation precedes him, so I leave before he wakes to save myself embarrassment after what I can only describe as the most unforgettable night of my life. Shortly after that, I meet a smart, sexy, wealthy businessman new to town.

Brian and I quickly hit it off. When we’re finally at a point where he’s ready to introduce me to the brother he’s been staying with, I’m eager to learn more about the man I’ve started to fall for.

And then he takes me to a place I’ve been before—the same building I spent the night in just a few months ago. He presses the elevator button to take us up to the penthouse level.

He turns toward the same door I snuck out of and introduces me to his brother.

Mark remembers me.

And now he wants me for more than just one night.


A Little Like Destiny, #1

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