Wicked Hearts

I’ve always been that girl, the one you want to be deep down.
The popular one. Idolised and adored, privileged and perfect in every way. But saints have sins, so I’ve kept mine well hidden.
No one knows the real me. Who I used to be. Who I’ve buried to survive. I never meant to crush him while I climbed to the top, but he was too easy. Too sweet.
And now he’s back in my life. My study partner and company rival, no less. He may have grown, buffed up and filled out. No longer the geeky kid with glasses, but a gorgeous, sculpted to perfection Adonis. Still the same boy who loved me. Once. Only now he looks at me with pure hatred. I ruined his reputation, scarred his soul. Shattered his heart into a thousand pieces.
He wants his revenge...
And he might think he knows how to be the bully.
But he hasn’t got the sweetest clue...
How to be wicked.
Not like I do.


Wicked Hearts at War, #2

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