From Hell

His name is Jack… but I’m the real ripper.
Jaxon Clémont knows who I am. Why else would a monster leave petals like breadcrumbs? Send love letters straight from hell? He’s stalking me, taunting me, chasing me into the darkness. He knows where I sleep, eat, and even where I live. He’s a brilliant surgeon and a billionaire, untouchable in every way, with a soul-sucking gaze and a predatory smile. And he knows my deep, dark secret.
But I won’t go softly into the night.
Jaxon might be my weakness with a beautiful face and a divine mission who can cut my heart open with just one look and rip me apart with only a word—but I’m not another of his victims.
I won’t fall for his deviant charms.
I’m the real ripper, and I’m going to make him pay.


Villainous Delights, #1

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