What We Keep

Charming and heroic, there’s nothing about Gabriel Woodruff that Avery Burke doesn’t love. His warm brown eyes, his generosity, that small scar above his lip. The newspaper photo of him carrying her from a burning home only adds to the romance of it all.

A fairytale beginning and a picture-perfect marriage practically guarantees Avery and Gabriel a ride into the sunset. But every relationship has flaws, and what they ignored while they were busy being flawless eventually surfaces. The unraveling begins with the smallest tug on the tiniest string.

Their fall is spectacular, the kind that makes the paper.

When the fairytale goes up in smoke, Avery and Gabriel are forced to ask themselves hard questions.

What does 'for better or worse' really mean?
Is this their second chance at a once-in-a-lifetime love?
What do we keep, when we lose it all?

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