The Lifetime of a Second

Escape. That was my sole focus. Forget the headlines, forget the threats. Forget what happened?


I fled the big city in the desert to hide in a small town amongst the pines. My plan was to blend in, work until I had enough money, then vanish.

There’s just one problem: I didn't factor in having a boss like Connor Vale.

He’s quick-witted, sexy as sin, and has a heart the size of Arizona.

The longer we work together, the more difficult it is to keep him at arms length.

I know better than to return his smile. I know better than to shudder at the feel of his hand on the small of my back. And I definitely know better than to lean in when we’re working close together.

Even when I know he wants me to do all those things.

Falling for him would be easy, if it weren't for one inescapable truth: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and nobody around me is safe.


Time, #3

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