Water Under the Bridge

Kels & Denise Stone

I'm on the brink of landing my dream fundraising job at the Oceanic Research Organization. But there's a catch and his name is Luca Navarro.

A former corporate lawyer with an extravagant tie collection and an irritatingly handsome smirk. He holds my future in his very large hands. When he gleefully crushes my dreams with one rejection call, the battle lines are drawn.

Undeterred, I take a job at a struggling start-up, clinging to my passion like a lifeline. My luck finally turns when a competition is announced at a grand gala, promising a multimillion-dollar prize that could save my new team from sinking. But of course, Luca is also in the running.

As the competition intensifies, so does the tension between us. We've met our match and our absurd attempts to outdo one another lead to a string of games, bets, and a question: Will this competition make us something more than adversaries?


Perks & Benefits, #1

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