On Cloud Nine

Kels & Denise Stone

Prim and proper socialite? Check.
Handsome, wealthy groom? Check.
Storybook wedding shower? Check…?

Except that I found my fiancé in a closet canoodling with the caterer. And now all of Manhattan's glitterati—my guests—are witness to my humiliation.

I've always strived to be the perfect, well-behaved daughter my parents raised. I never draw too much attention, I'm agreeable, and above all, I'm going to fulfill the Greene family tradition of getting married before the age of twenty-seven.
The problem: I don't want to spend my life on country club autopilot, playing the role of a cookie-cutter wife with the man my parents arranged for me to marry.
But it's fine! I’m fine. My wedding day will bring me a fifty-million dollar trust. The silver lining on my unhappily-ever-after.

That was my plan.

Until Matthew Hudson, a dreamy philanthropic entrepreneur and my long-time office crush, declares in front of everyone that he loves me and offers to marry me instead.

Our agreement is simple. Convince my parents that we're in love, that Matthew is fit for high society, and tie the knot. I'll get access to my trust, he'll get half the money, and then we'll get a quick divorce. Easy Peasy.

However, my parents have a major business deal riding on the marriage they arranged for me. And all of this pretending that Matthew and I are in love might not be so pretend after all...


Perks & Benefits, #3

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