Three Summers

SJ Sylvis

Last summer, I was carefree. I was happily in love—as much as a teenager could be, I suppose—and my world naively revolved around the one boy who stole my heart. I thought of nothing else except Rowen, which is why I wasn’t prepared for the heartbreak that was about to wreck my being.

But now, time has passed, and a lot can change in one summer. I’m a little bit older and a lot smarter. Guarding my heart is my first instinct, and my second is keeping Rowen from invading every last thought, like when we were simple-minded teens who were the star couple of their little small town.

Except we’re both back from college for the summer, and I’m quickly learning that my mind and heart are at a crossroads. A lot can change in one summer, but even more can change in three.

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