The Baller

My name is Lux Weston and I’m a matter of national security, apparently.

All I did was meet a beautiful girl in a bookstore, then rescue her. One… twice… and maybe a third time—from a creeper.

The problem? The creeper turned out to be Secret Service, and the girl… well, she’s Radley Andrews—the President’s only daughter.

It has disaster written all over it. I should stay away.

She’s a student, I’m a major league baseball player.

She’s trying to hide from the spotlight, I’m standing underneath it.

Not to mention I’ve never had a relationship, and Radley has her own demons to battle.

When she starts looking at me the way I’m looking at her, staying away becomes impossible. Soon we’re sneaking secret dates and I’m making her breakfast.

While Radley might be the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, she’s become something better.



New York Lions, #3

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