You don’t date the Coach’s daughter. It’s the first thing you learn in Hockey 101.
Except whoever made that rule had never met Nora Campbell.
She came into my life like the blondest ray of sunshine, and I thought all my dreams had come true.
Then I found out who she was.
For two excruciating years I’ve crushed on her from afar, keeping my distance while she’s been working her magic rehabbing my injured teammates.
For two years I’ve been concentrating on my game; honing my skills, my speed and my strength to become the best defenseman in the league.
It all pays off the day I’m made Captain.
Unfortunately for me, it’s the same day an injury forces me to seek help from the one person who definitely shouldn’t be putting their hands on me, and the only person I want.
The more time we spend together, the harder it becomes to resist her. And the harder it becomes to remember the one rule I’m supposed to follow above all else.
Because it’s the one rule that was made to be broken.


The New York Players, #5

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