From childhood best friends to high school sweethearts…to a relationship so broken it seems impossible to fix…

I’ve loved Sofie Copewell for as long as I can remember.
She was all I ever wanted.
We said someday we’d have a family together and raise them on our ranch in Landmark Mountain.
She was my home. My forever.
I spent my whole life chasing her, hanging on her every word, and lighting up when she smiled at me.
And I never had a single doubt that she felt the same way.
Until she left and didn’t come back…
For eight years.
Now she’s returned, and I’m resentful and want answers.
Answers to why she left without a goodbye, taking all our dreams with her.
But as angry as I am and as much as I fight it, the electricity between us is still as strong as it was before.
And when I get the answers I’m looking for, I realize that she never stopped loving me either.
I want to believe our someday is now, but can I trust her not to leave again?


Landmark Mountain, #2

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