Shattered Vows

Once upon a time, elusive billionaire and former special ops soldier, Kol Voss, thought

he’d found his happy ever after. Until she ruined it all.

He’s been on the hunt for four years, searching for Rapsody, and he’s finally found her.

They say revenge is best served cold, and Kol agrees, planning the perfect revenge by

kidnapping Rapsody on the day she intends to marry another man.

Then he quickly realizes she still has him under her thrall and he’s susceptible to falling

for her again. But if she didn’t want him all those years ago, she definitely wouldn’t want

the damaged, corrupted version of him now.

SHATTERED VOWS is a contemporary, dark romance, retelling of Rapunzel.

Full blurb to come.


Midnight Manor, #2

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