Craving My Rival

Polina Aminoff

At the Sicuro Academy, the Russians and the Italians give each other a wide berth. We’re bitter enemies after all.

So imagine my disbelief when my brother announces that I’m to wed Dante Accardi, next in line to run the Accardi Italian crime family.

After the shock subsides, I’m determined to save myself. It’s not until my plan is in full swing that I realize there might be more to Dante than I first thought. But those closest to me, those who were supposed to protect me have always hurt me. Now, I have to decide whether to trust him with my heart or whether he’ll just be another person in my life who brings me to my knees.

Dante Accardi

Polina Aminoff is a Bratva brat and an ice princess that I don’t think even an easy-going guy like me can thaw. And I’ve never had an issue melting the panties off a woman before. I’m just as unhappy about our engagement as she is, but my father made it clear—it is my duty to the family.

Once we’re forced together, another side of Polina shines and I start to think we could have a future together that doesn’t involve being bitter rivals.

But she’s hiding something, I just don’t know what. Which leaves me wondering, can I ever really trust my enemy?


Mafia Academy, #4

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