P.S. You're Intolerable

My boss, Elliot Levy is intolerable, and I tell him so everyday…in the little notes I write and then hide in the back of my desk.
I can’t exactly say to his face that I’m convinced he’s a cyborg, considering I really need to keep my job as his assistant since I’m about to become a single mom.
Elliot never looks at me, so he doesn’t even notice I’m pregnant until I’m seven months along. The first thing he asks is if I’m planning to come back to work once I have the baby.
Not unexpected.
What is unexpected is his concern for my well being, and the little—and not-so-little—gestures he makes to take care of me.
Elliot comes to my rescue when I need a place to stay after my daughter is born, and I see a whole other side to him…especially when he walks around his house without a shirt on.
Which he does, ALL. THE. TIME.
I shouldn’t look, but I can’t help it. He’s gorgeous in a suit, but out of one? Devastating.
Elliot shows me he isn’t the heartless robot I once thought. It’s still terrifying to take a chance on him, even when he holds my baby like she’s precious to him, and he touches me like he’s been longing to for ages.
Now that he has me, he isn’t letting me go without a fight.
And Elliot Levy didn’t get where he is in business without learning a few underhanded tricks. What will he do to keep me? To keep us?
P.S. I think I’m falling for you.


The Harder They Fall, #3

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