In The Details

Two strangers at a beat down biker bar. A hot night twisted up in the sheets. Absolutely no strings attached.

My life is too complicated for more than that. Besides, what would I do with a possessive, demanding, sexy as hell motorcycle man? Especially one who’s younger than me.

As an executive with a demanding career and single mom to a three-year-old little girl, my life is planned down to the minute, but everyone knows what they say about the best laid plans…

When Jake Hayes walks into Rossi Motors looking for a partnership between our two companies, I’m lost for words. It turns out, my motorcycle man looks just as good wearing a finely tailored suit as he does straddling a bike in his leathers.

Now that he’s found me, he wants more hot, steamy nights with me. He’s persistent and I’m…tempted.

I try to keep him at arm’s length, but he slowly draws me in with his searing kisses and lighthearted teasing. It doesn’t hurt that he’s sweet and gentle with my little girl either. But then, he has plenty of experience with kids since he has a daughter of his own.

Jake wants me and all the baggage I come with. I want him too, but my heart's been too battered to give it away easily.

If I don’t choose, Jake just might take matters into his own hands and steal it anyway.


Mile High Billionaires, #1

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