Musical Mayhem

Help Wanted: Producer for the latest album from multi-platinum selling band Birds of Prey.

Enter Sammy Rhodes.
Famed DJ The Spin Doctor.
Musical genius.
Fits with the band like he's our sixth member.
We hired him on the spot.

So what's the problem?

He's also all broad shoulders and dazzling smile, and has this flop of hair I constantly yearn to brush away from his handsome face.
What should have been a match made in musical heaven could decimate my career.
Because as the front man of BoP, I've been living my life from deep inside my walk-in closet for years. Will I risk everything for love?

MUSICAL MAYHEM is an inter-connected stand-alone BTU Alumni Novella and falls in the timeline as BTU1.5. It is a MM rom-com featuring a devilishly handsome DJ, a ripped rock god, and the Covenette shenanigans you've come to know and love.


BTU Alumni, #1.5

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