Looking To Score

@UofJ411: Who's the girl? # CasanovaWatch # CasanovasMysteryGirl

They call me Casanova
Football God. Ladies Man. Campus Celebrity.
Guys want to be me and girls want to bed me
Commitment? What's that?
Then I saw her--tiny, gorgeous and oh so...MINE.

Mason Nova is an egotistical jerk.
Player. Persistent. Pain in the Pom-Pom.
I don't care if he's the star of the gridiron or how tight his end is.
I know his stats both on and off the field. My answer will always be NO.
The last thing I need in my life is another charmer who's looking to score.

**LOOKING TO SCORE is book 1 in the U of J Series and is an enemies-to-lovers, new adult, college sports romance. If you like pint-sized sass queens for heroines, and too-charming-for-their-own-good playboy heroes you'll love these two. There's banter for days...so much so that these two characters are the stars of books 1, 2, and 3. All out now.**


U of J, #1

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