Tate Gallo had a type – emotionally unavailable bikers who were more feral than serious relationship material.

The day she turned thirty, she decided to make a change: No more biker boys. She deserved more. She wanted to be someone’s world.

But then he stumbled in bloodied, bruised, and in need of help. One look into his dark eyes, and Tate realized her life would never be the same again.

She wouldn’t fall for him.
She couldn’t, not for her heart’s sake.
But one night never hurt anyone…right?

But with one taste of his lips and touch of his hand, Tate knew she couldn’t escape his pull.

Wylder was incredibly reckless, ridiculously daring, and craved danger. He couldn’t feel anything unless he was pushing the limits, chasing his own demise. But the night he met Tate Gallo, he found a new purpose—to worship the woman who made him feel something again.

But could the emotional scars of his past be easily wiped away or would they chase him, wreaking havoc on his world and the woman he came to love?


Men of Inked Sinners, #1

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