Olive Thornbury only had one crush in high school, and his name was Asher Gallo. She was smitten with him from the first time she had laid eyes on him. But instead of acting on how she felt, she kept her nose stuck in a book, finding safety in the words rather than emotions.

Asher had never thought of Olive as anything more than a friend. She was aloof, preferring to read books. instead of spending time with her friends. And when she moved away almost a decade ago, their friendship quickly disintegrated.

But when Olive returns to visit a local university, she never expected to run into a very grown up and even more handsome Asher. And what starts off as a rekindling of an old friendship turns into a fiery relationship.

Do the opposites have enough in common to go the distance? Or will their combustible chemistry cause the flames to turn everything into cinders?


Men of Inked: Heatwave, #13

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