From the first moment I meet Ricco Montavio, my world tilts on its axis.

Hotter than hell and maddeningly dominant, he has the nerve to show up at my daughter’s preschool. So now, Mr. Hot, Dominant, and Dangerous is in my world on the regular.

Why me?

I’m a rule follower. A single mom just trying to make ends meet who was not looking to hook-up with anyone… much less a King of the Boston Underworld who makes his own rules.

Every fiber of my being screams at me to run.

But instead...

I kneel.

I submit.

I plummet headlong into a love affair with the most dangerous man I’ve ever met.

But Ricco Montavio breaks people for a living.

I can only hope the choice I make doesn’t break me.


Montavio Brotherhood, #3

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