All My Kisses For You

Monica Murphy goes back to Lancaster Prep with a new generation of Lancasters, kicking it off with the daughter of Crew and Wren from the BookTok sensation A Million Kisses in Your Lifetime…

Everyone loves Willow Lancaster, and every girl wants to be her. She’s the perfect student. Stylish, kind to all and always flashing that beautiful smile.

After spending her junior year studying in Europe, she returns to Lancaster Prep, eager to kick off being a senior with her friends and maybe even start something up with her old crush?

But everything has changed. Her supposed best friend is dating her crush, new cliques have formed and everyone is OBSESSED with the new guy on campus.

Rhett Bennett is gorgeous. Lethally charming. Absolutely full of himself. He’s also the star quarterback of the football team and suddenly everyone on campus is a sports fan.

He is everything Willow should never want yet…he’s all she can think about. And when she realizes Rhett might feel the same way about her, she’s desperate to throw away her good girl reputation and do bad things.

Only with him.


Lancaster Prep Next Generation, #1

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