Vicious Bonds

From New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Shanora Williams comes a dark romance series of violence, chaos, angst, and a powerful love that can't be denied...


I was never meant to live an ordinary life, and when I’m dropped from the sky into a haunting forest, facing the barrel of an unknown man’s gun, I believe it to be true.

Ruler of Blackwater, Caz Harlow, is the man behind the gun. He’s broody, calculating, commanding and, surprisingly, I can hear every thought that runs through his mind. Because I can, he wants me out of his world and sent back to where I came from, so he makes it his mission to find a way.

It seems like a simple task, until I realize his world is unlike mine—that his is filled with violence, chaos, destruction, and gifted people who can kill you with one look. In his universe, it’s hard for a regular human like me to survive, but with Caz at my side, the possibility is higher. And the more time we spend together, the harder it is for me to ignore the connection that makes me feel alive.

He says we’re not meant to be, so why does everything about him set my soul on fire?


I have too many enemies to count, and when this Willow woman drops into my forest, that’s exactly what I think she is: an enemy.

But then she makes a remark without even opening her mouth, and I realize I can hear her thoughts, and she can hear mine.

As Monarch of Blackwater, I can’t allow her to stay. By doing so, I risk losing everything I’ve worked so hard to build, so I make it my mission to find her a way back home.

But as this mission rolls on, I realize my bond with Willow goes much deeper than I ever could have imagined. And the more I reject her, the more pain I feel entering my body. However, when I lower my guard, the pain disappears and I crave her touch.

This relentless, undeniable bond is becoming impossible to ignore, but I can’t give into it. For if she stays, death will come for us, and it’s up to me to choose our fate.

Do I risk staying with her and putting her life at constant risk, or do I sacrifice the one thing that brings me happiness and let her go?


Tether, #1

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