The Vixen's Deceit

A skeptical reporter visits an immersive haunted house and falls for a sexy cast member. But is her seduction real...or part of the act?

Void is more than just a haunted house. It’s a psychological nightmare designed to find your breaking point.

And this year, the experience will be extra special and horrifying. For its tenth anniversary, the elaborate production has taken over a castle high on the cliffs of Scotland, which has a bloody, tragic past.

Haunted, some say. Cursed, others whisper.

Reviewing Void wasn’t supposed to be Tyler’s assignment. But when he’s the only journalist available at his failing magazine for the important exclusive, he’s thrust into an immersive horror movie experience.

Every scene is more disturbing than the last, and the only thing holding him together is the seductive woman operating the elevator. Her flirtations seem genuine, but as he goes deeper into Void, his grip on reality begins to slip.

Are her feelings for him as manufactured as the monsters he sees? Or is all of it real?

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Peculiar Tastes, #4

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