Simply Mine

She’s looking for Mr. Right. I can offer her Mr. Right Now. That’s my specialty.

He’s my best friend’s older brother.
He was also my teenage crush and completely out of reach.
But we had our secrets—moments that nobody knew about.
I’d tucked them away in a safe place, and that’s where I’d planned to keep them.
He’d moved to the city, and I’d moved on.
But now he was back in Honey Mountain for a few weeks.
And he’d found endless reasons to spend time with me.
What started out as rekindling our friendship turned into a different kind of… stroking the fire.
No pun intended.
It was temporary.
Just another secret that we’d keep between us.
Ledger Dane came with an expiration date.
He’d always been one foot out the door.
Why would this time be any different?


Honey Mountain, #4

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