Silent Vendetta

I just uncovered the secret identity of the Vigilante.
Now, he holds me prisoner in his vault of vengeance.
And nothing is as it seems.
Bound in this abyss of secrets and darkness,
I ache for Hunter’s warmth and light.
And vow to reclaim my freedom.
But how does one escape…
…being the obsession of a killer?

The monster inside of me always hungered for death.
But it became unhinged when men stole her from me.
I savored torturing them,
ending their lives with my serrated blade of justice.
I long for her to see the crimson on my hands as a stain of honor,
and to convince myself I’m worthy of something other than her disgust.
But what if she doesn’t embrace my darkness?
What if she becomes its most tragic casualty?


Vendetta Duet, #2

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