Serpentine Valentine

From Wall Street Journal bestselling author Giana Darling comes a sapphic dark academia Medusa retelling about a woman who was wronged by her idols and refused to pay the price without getting revenge...

I was born a woman.

Raised by women.

In love with women.

Until I enrolled at Acheron University, I'd never known much of men. I certainly didn't know enough to fear them.

Then one stormy autumnal night, Professor Morgan tried to destroy me.

And when we were discovered by the university President, it was me who was punished for the unwanted seduction.

But they left me with two valuable lessons.

I would never let another woman be hurt by men again if I could help it.

And when someone hurts you, betrays you, and tries to rip out your soul, there is only one remedy for the pain.


And mine takes the form of the President's very beautiful, very virginal, very straight daughter, Luna Pallas.

Before the end of term, I'll destroy her innocence just as her mother and Professor Morgan destroyed mine.

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